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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 8 easy steps

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

We all suffer in some shape or form with 'Anxiety'. Those moments in which a feeling of 'existential angst or crisis" hits and either makes us question the meaning of our life, our purpose, direction and/or how we seem to others' around us. Anxiety makes us journey into the past and try to preview the future. Anxiety can also make us feel or act reclusive and less engaged. Anxiety can make our body react in physical ways such as sweating, a racing heart or mind as if we are torn into a million places all at once....Sounds familiar? That's because modern lifestyle's gauge us on our ability to keep up within fast paced environments that requires so much energy from us as individuals that we forget to just slow down and just be present in moments.

Let's look at Gail's tips to reduce anxiety:

1. Take a deep breathe and meditate- even as little as 2 minutes can act as a calming trigger to reassure your mind and take immediate control.

2. Go for a walk- engaging with outdoor spaces is a helpful reminder that life comes in stages also a brisk jaunt helps to get the blood pumping.

3. Listen to some tunes- Music creates connection and memories; choose something that brings a smile, bust a new move or a triggers a bright thought to shift your mood.

4. Be Creative- Painting, Colouring, Making music something that gets your mind into creation and your body moving.

5. Declutter your space- Its amazing how junk can cloud our minds and make us feel lost- Come on, get up! toss out or give away those old boots or pants and/or wipe down those dust bunnies!

6. Create an inspiration board- find motivational affirmations, words or quotes that can help you shift your mood and motivate you towards goals.

7. Find a Good Read- a good book that can either take you to a new imaginary space or give you tips on self care can be healing and make you feel inspired.

Last but not least.....

8. Make a lunch date with a good friend or family- good company to just chat or fill our tummies is a great way to get out of our minds and into the present!

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