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An attitude of Gratitude...

It came to me a few days ago that at this time of heightened and raw negative emotions 'Gratitude' should hold a space on center stage. Shine a light on your 'Pro's' list because it will be a saving grace of your mental well being. We must find ways to draw closer to encouragement of brighter days. If we allow all of the negativity to overshadow our present state of being we won't be able to see what is positive and good in our lives right now. Don't get me wrong I am not at all undermining the global experiences currently or am I glorifying 'Toxic positivity'. Quite the opposite as I agree and acknowledge that there is a worldwide pandemic occurring..and Yes, I know it is causing immense pain and worry.......Yes, I am Scared, Overwhelmed and sometimes experiencing panic and anxiety too but every time that negative cloud creeps upon me I draw a few deep breaths and I take back my control by using grounding techniques...5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Name 5 things I can see right now Find 4 things I can touch Identify 3 things I can hear Name 2 things I can smell & Identify 1 thing I can taste....... As I settle I ask myself, What do I have to be grateful for? (I won't name mine here but take this as a beginning and list your own) A)........ B)........ C)........

D)........... This practice keeps me from the ease of falling into hopelessness and I hope that having an attitude of Gratitude can support you towards remaining in moments and take charge of what you can control! In love and light, Gail

*** "Toxic positivity, is defined as excessive and ineffective overgeneralization of a happy and optimistic state in any situation that leads to the denial or minimization that invalidates genuine human emotional experience."****

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