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Was 2020 a Renewal or a dud? What's next for 2021?

The year 2020 is coming to an end and it has been a roller coaster ride like no other. I could list the Social, political, Health and environmental issues of the world here but I'm not going to because I'm sure, unless you have been hiding from it all, we are living with the same global challenges just on different pathways with different outcomes- health, financial, emotional or otherwise. Although, it has been challenging, sad and sometimes unfathomable; I think collectively we have come to realize that some of the 'things' we believed were important to life and living began to unravel. For me personally, it was the rat race lifestyle I was leading that had me at a loss and just plain tired- my personal growth was slow, my physical health was a mess, my spiritual, emotional and Mental health were just off balance. I was just hitting walls. Initially, when COVID-19 hit and we were on lock down it was a vacation from the hustle and bustle that boiled down to some well needed REST. It was the type of rest I didn't really acknowledge to myself consciously that I needed. Yes, of course there was real concern for my financial wellbeing and that of my family , friends and community but never have I found myself in a place so tight that I never saw light at the end of a dark tunnel- I realized a long time ago that silent mouths don't get fed and that I am not an island; I give thanks & I'm grateful for my community, family and friends who support and continue to love me. In all honesty It just came down to me taking the time to covet my sleep like never before as it granted me the opportunity to be clear in my mind and to stop making excuses for not grasping my goals. I no longer felt the need to chase the cheese($$$) like before because it didn't make sense to what was important to me and although 2020 was a cluster of unknowns I felt the need to find me and just breathe. As much as 2020 has been different for all of us I wanted to share what I found in my 'solitude' and I hope that despite the trials and/or lessons 'YOU' have faced this year that you have been able to take some time to- re-evaluate, reframe and self reflect on where your life was heading and take back what you can control- yourself.

Well, 2021 is on the horizon and the aftermath of this year will without a doubt carry over some residual scars but I strongly believe we can do this hurdle together. However, if in 2020 you didn't have the chance to take time to slow down to reshape your life path and thoughts I'm hoping that you can start this process in the year ahead. Living to me has come mean being engaged with 3 directional plains- Consciousness, Intentionality and honesty; anything less does not allow us to live fully. With that being said I know there is a level of privilege afforded to the quest of self actualization but that is a post for another day. In no shape or form do I not think or recognize those of us who are struggling to survive during these hard times and I pray that we all find a way beyond just existing to thriving. As an agent of change and a champion of growth I ask:

What are your aims for 2021? How will you work towards a 'you' that is healthy?

Whatever your goals may be I hope you find what you truly seek because you deserve it.



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