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Is Self-love and Self-Care the same ?- An Opinion piece...

'Self care' is intertwined with 'Self love'. These 'action' terms are two ends of the same rainbow sending positive vibrations back and forth feeding off each other. What lies between these two concepts is the 'acknowledgement' of past mistakes or challenges and the 'acceptance' of where we are now in the journey towards self growth and/ or healing. If we don't start with caring and loving ourselves first how can we build better relationships with our loved ones, our peers, our communities, our colleagues and most importantly ourselves? How can we grow individually and not feel stuck and stifled by life? Often it takes a life trial, an illness, grief and/ or a feeling of having had enough of negativity and wanting change that sets off the path towards a journey of self care and love.

Self care is about being 'honest' with ourselves about our needs and what that may be or what it would take to meet those needs. Self love is the effects or the aftermath of Self-care being executed. If we take the time to invest in our wellbeing we ultimately begin to embrace and shed the heaviness of life's burdens. When we continue to practice both caring and loving for ourselves then we transform in love and light from within. It is not selfish to embrace these acts of healing and health, in fact it is a testimony to our will to become better versions of ourselves. However, we will never come to these realizations without readiness to engage, honesty within and being present to embark on this journey.

How will you begin your journey to self love and self care? Where do you begin?

GWCS would like to help YOU start? Let's start the dialogue; Your journey, Your choice!

In love and light,


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