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How a small decision can turn your life around

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Some of us are born to live on the edge and take big risks , some are slow and steady to life and decisions while others are very cautious stopping to question each and every decision that they make. We all don't fall into one category of 'being' as we can overlap with our life decisions or can chose to be singular in our ways of existing. Just know that wherever you fall on the spectrum we must accept ourselves and be comfortable knowing that we are not all the same. This is the beauty in the mosaic that is humanity! Our differences makes us more interesting to each other.

In my personal opinion, I believe in "destiny" or the idea that things happen for a reason. I say this to note that in life no matter who you are or how you may live your life there are many paths to get to the same destination but it takes a single decision to make a shift to turn your life around or even upside down. These shifts can manifest for good or bad but neither is better than the other as they both can act in our lives as a means to awaken us to change and/or propel us to the next best path of our 'destiny'. No matter how fast, slow or how many times we mull over a decision it only takes 'one' to turn your life around. Remember you are not alone and support is there if you ask for it.

So, what's the next step folks?.....

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