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COVID-19 - Top ten Tips to manage in this time.

During these times of uncertainty there are many emotions we are managing collectively and individually. Feelings such as anxiety, panic, grief, fear and or re/ traumatization, just to name a few that are in the mix of our everyday realities. I hear and feel the vibrations of these heightened feelings in our communities, online, speaking with peers, family and/or colleagues. As our "new" realities settles in, raw emotions such as these can lead to compounding outcomes for those who are deeply wounded from unhealed past experiences. Covid-19 has also set off not only social-emotional challenges but financial stress as we worry about how to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. For those in our society who are struggling with living on the social margins this pandemic is even more pressing and concerning. Despite societal ills/disparity and the social, emotional, and physical strain this places on humankind we evolve. Coming together in solidarity and bonding as a community to make sense of our reality is the foundation of humanity. The emotions that we feel at this time is not to be ignored but validated as they are real as the air we breathe, however, we must externalize, discuss, dissect and find solutions. Below I have listed some tips that you may find useful to support you in your efforts to manage daily:

10 Tips to keeping yourself healthy and well during COVID-19:

1: Routine - Stick to a regular schedule so as to no overload or burn out, Decrease screen time and get your COVID-19 information from reputable sources.

2: Getting Rest - Regular bedtimes and/or naps will support in building proper wellness for your body and mind.

3: Stay in Touch with loved ones - Zoom meet, Whatsapp or facetime with people you care about or those who you have not spoken to in awhile.

4: Help where you can, when you can- If you can volunteer or help a neighbour do so mindfully but if you are unwell stay home.

5: Be Socially Responsible- Listen to the direction of public health as well as Provincial and Federal directives regarding public and individual safety. Practice proper hygiene.

6: Be Active and Eat Well- Formulate an indoor work out plan, go for a walk and eat a well balanced diet.

7: Find fun things to do- Find a new book or finish an old book, Journal or craft. Engage in something you decide is fun in healthy and wellness.

8: Complete things you may have put off- Organize your files, old photos or start a course. Start something you may have thought to do in the past and now have time to do.

9: Talk to Someone you trust- Talk with friends, family, a mentor or even a Therapist just to start to externalize those emotions and know you are not alone.

10: Be Kind to yourself - These are difficult times, now more than ever do we need to practice speaking and thinking positivity- manifest goodness in our lives

Access and Support:

Visit , and or webpages for daily updates regarding Canadian social safety nets to better support you during this time.

In love and light,


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