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Loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

LOVE is one of those words that's short to spell, can be hard to understand, has immense meaning and massive consequences when abused. We tend to use the word love for things that don't actually require us to "love" but maybe just a 'like' would suffice thus saving us from backtracking later when we fall out of "love" with said experience or object. This very concept can be used on ourselves as we learn of love as well as who or what we allow within our safe boundaries that can either inhibit or encourage true love.

Let's talk about ' Energy or Core essence'; I define these as the centre of the individual being and without it we lose direction and the motivation to grow or become. Everyday we are blessed with life is a chance to ask ourselves, "Do we love the person we are becoming?", " How are we sharing or nurturing our energy or core essence; with whom or on what?"... in order to truly love ourselves the way we deserve to be loved we must assess the meaning we place in our words, the privilege we allow to the company we keep, the direction we are taking on our life journey and the preservation/nourishment of our core essence. True love starts from within!

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